Woman mortified over home brow tint fail after failing to follow instructions

After the last year, it’s fair to say that many of us are now pretty well versed in DIY beauty – but that certainly doesn’t mean we always get it right.

Yep, some things really should just be left to the professionals, which is what one woman learned the hard way after her home brow tint went epically wrong.

Casey Watson took to TikTok to share her brow tinting experience, but the clip turned out very different from how she’d planned, after her brow tint left her with two black splodges stained on her forehead.

You probably don’t want to try this at home.

“We are going to tint the brows,” she said in the hilarious clip, which has been liked nearly 250,000 times, before reading out the instructions from her dye kit.

“Put a thin layer of petroleum jelly or Vaseline around my eyebrows to help make sure that I don’t accidentally stain the skin but ya’ll know I ain’t doing it,” Casey said. No prizes for guessing where it all started to go wrong…

After painting the dye onto her brows using a little wooden stick, Casey looked at her reflection in the camera and said: “Oh god, I’m scared! This is such a good look!”

When a few minutes had passed, she added: “I got like a minute and 30 seconds left,” before re-reading the instructions, which said: “Medium brown is one to three minutes, natural brown is three minutes and dark brown is two to three.”

“It’s been like five oh god we better get this off,” she added in a panic. “It says to dampen a paper towel and get it off with the paper towel.”

However, when Casey tried to run the dark splodges off her brows she was horrified when they just wouldn’t budge, leaving her with not just dark eyebrows, but dark brown tint stained all over the skin around her brows.

“Ya’ll, YA’LL, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOSH,” she screamed. “I’m a YouTube video!!!!”

Sorry, we’ve got to say it. That’s why you follow the instructions, people!