Woman shares true meaning behind different ‘colour patches’ on food packaging

Have you ever looked at a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar wrapper and noticed a row of multi-coloured circles or boxes and wondered what they were there for?

Well, we finally have the answer thanks to a TikTok user named Sonya Gonzalez Mier.

Sonya, who claims to work in food marketing, took to the social media platform to explain all, after spotting a different video in which a man asked what the colours on the back of his packet of Takis crips meant.

In her clip, she told how they are actually called ‘colour control patches’ and they are used when the packaging is being printed.

“I work in food marketing and we have these colour patches on all our packaging,” she said.

“No, they’re not barcodes, no they’re not a mysterious sign.

“They are colour control patches, we need them because the colours that you see on the packaging are not actually the colours that we’re printing. Let me explain…

“To choose the colours that you see on the packaging, we actually layer colours and the colour patches are the colours we are layering on top of each other to achieve the colours you see.

“To make sure the colours are correct, we look at the colour control patches and if they’re slightly off, we know that the whole packaging will be off.”

She adds: “Another day, another marketing mystery solved.”

Sonya’s video has since been watched over 23,000 times and garnered thousands of likes.

Many people also took to the comments to thank her for sharing the interesting fact.

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