Google added audible caller ID screening to its Phone app

If you have an iPhone, you may already know the convenience of having callers announced when they ring you. Today, Google updated its phone app with a similar feature. It may seem trivial, but audible caller ID effectively allows me to continue my workflow with minimal distractions.

Google’s Phone app is getting a new feature called “Announce Caller ID.” It’s a relatively simple addition that announces the caller’s name or number, so users don’t need to pick up their phone to see who is calling.

While some may like this feature, it is not always appropriate for every situation. Fortunately, users can set the Phone app to announce Always, Never, or Only when using a headset. Never is the default setting. To enable it, go to Google Phone>Settings>Caller ID announcement, then select the preferred option.

Apple has had a similar feature for quite a while. Its system has the same settings options with an additional one for “Headphones or Car.” Many other Andriod dialers also have the feature, so Google probably felt it was about time to get on board with the competition.

Aside from offering Android users the convenience of hands-free call screening, the feature is also meant for accessibility. The blind or visually impaired can now enjoy ignoring spam calls like the rest of us.

The feature is rolling out in stages, so be patient if you don’t see it on your Google Phone app yet.