‘The Eternal Couple’: Photographer Captures Magical Photo Of Leopard Couple

A photographer in Kabini had been tracking these beautiful cats for a while and found that they were a couple.

Photographer Mithun Hunugund specializes in big cats. And his most popular photo is of Saaya and Cleopatra.

This is what he wrote about them.

The Eternal Couple

“Saaya and Cleopatra have been courting since 4 years now and whenever they are together it’s a sight to behold. The forest comes alive as they trot nonchalantly in his fabled kingdom. Usually in the courting pairs generally it is the Male who takes charge and moves around with the female following close behind. But with this couple it was definitely Cleo who was in charge while the Panther followed.

This was shot on a surreal winter morning when a single Deer alarm led me to this breathtaking sight.”